Mocha Oreo Cup Cake 咖啡Oreo杯子蛋糕

一向很少食Oreo 曲奇,那天逛超市見到了,忽然想起可用來做cupcake。加了咖啡味道在cupcake,上面放Oreo原來都幾好味。

Mocha Oreo Cup Cake  咖啡Oreo杯子蛋糕
Mocha Oreo Cup Cake 咖啡Oreo杯子蛋糕

<材料 約10個>

  • 140g     低筋麵粉
  • 110g     砂糖
  • 1茶匙  泡打粉
  • 2隻      蛋 (打散)
  • 100g     原味乳酪
  • 50g       無鹽牛油(加熱成為溶液)
  • 6個      Oreo cookie



  • 1茶匙  即溶咖啡
  • 1茶匙  可可粉
  • 半茶匙 肉桂粉
  • 2茶匙  熱水
  1. 將材料混合拌勻。


  1. 攪拌盤內放入低筋麵粉、砂糖、泡打粉拌勻,順序加入蛋液、乳酪用攪拌器(whisk)攪拌均勻。
  2. 加入牛油溶液拌勻,用膠刮拌至沒有粉粒,最後加入咖啡味base拌勻。
  3. 把麵糊倒入模內至8乘滿,放上Oreo曲奇,放入已預熱190℃的焗爐焗約18-20分鐘即成。

Mocha Oreo Cup Cake 咖啡Oreo杯子蛋糕” 有 2 則迴響

  1. Maggie Lam

    Hi Debbie,

    It seems to be a very delicious cupcake. I would like to bake it, but I have some questions for you.

    1. You say to add in flour in step 1 and step 2. What should be the correct sequence to add it in?
    2. You say to add in butter in step 2 twice. What should be the correct sequence to add it in?

    I have been searching for a 9 muffin pan but could not find it. Could you let me know where you bought it?

    Keep up your good work in posting the yummy recipes!


    1. Life's wonderful little things

      Hi Maggie,
      So glad you like my recipes!

      Thanks for asking! I’ve made a copy & paste mistake in my recipe and have corrected already. Sorry to have confused you.

      Step 1: Mix flour, sugar & baking powder in a mixing bowl, whisk in egg & yogurt in sequence.
      Step 2: add in melted butter and mix well. add in mocha base, mix well.
      I bought my muffin pan in Orange Baking Store in Tsuen Wan. The pan can hold 6 6 cm muffin paper cups. You may take a look in the shop’s website first.



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